Small joys and little adventures

When it's summer and your work from home and set your own schedule, TGIF really shouldn't apply, but somehow it does.  The bubble of flex time my sons and I live in during July still touches on the 9-5, M-F world.  I like to wrap things up on Friday, get ready for more time with my husband and less time with my computer.  Hopefully this will be the first of many Friday posts of small joys and little adventures from the week past.

I splurged on a Vogue runway report magazine.  The magazine is pricey as hell (like the clothes inside) but its my inexpensive way of getting a front row seat at fashion week all over the world. 

Watching the sun rise on my peaceful road trip bears repeating.

As if the road trip wasn't enough, I came home to find these beauties.  My husband missed me when I was gone. 

I ended up cutting them shorter to make typing easier, but for a week I had 10 perfect nails (yes, those are my own).  My short fingers were feeling so elegant this past week. (photo credit: my youngest, who we will call Wee Monkey)

And I can't close out my week without noting the biggest adventure of all, this blog.  I tell my sons often that sometimes you have to do something that just scares the pee out of you to keep moving forward.  This adventure has proven less scary and more tech frustrating, but I am doing that, moving forward. . . on to next week.  Thank you for joining me in this one. 

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