The Yoga Reveal

Menopause has brought me more in touch with my body (if my husband is reading this, I know where your mind is going. . . stop. . . this is about yoga).  

For years my body kept changing.  Every week was a new mix of sleep or no sleep, lose weight or can't, hot flashes or none.  I tell my friends who are in menopause that if they hate how things are going now, hang on, it will all change in a few weeks. I had become very attuned to all these changes, so my yoga disaster caught me off guard this morning.  

I had no idea how tense I was.  My muscles had coiled into tight balls while I was sitting in this chair, learning to blog.  Frustration pooled in my shoulders and stomach and back.  And I probably wouldn't have really noticed had I not gone to yoga this morning.  I walk around sometimes, lost in my head, out of touch with my body, wondering why I can't sleep or why my stomach feels off.  

When I tried down dog today, my legs trembled, my back pinched, my shoulders bunched.  Then I remembered to breathe, slowly, and to use my mind to relax each muscle group.  It took the entire hour, but I could feel the tension leaving, bit by bit.  By the end I was able to control my muscles as opposed to being controlled.  I was breathing deep, into my belly, feeling relaxed.  I started to drift into sleep during Savasna (corpse pose).  

I'm back in my chair, blogging, but with a new awareness of how to keep myself in tune;  less time in my head, more time in my body. Breathe.  

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