Inside Out Fashion

I feel like I have finally developed my own fashion sense.  I've reached that fantasy I chased for years where I can put together an outfit using only what I currently have in my closet, throw my hair into a style, put my make up on in 5 min., and the end result is a look I am happy with.  I love to shop for clothes, but time has taught me that it's what's under the clothes that makes the most difference. 

Working from the inside out, my attitude makes a huge difference in how I present myself.  Not a perpetual smile on your face so people wonder if you are a little strange type attitude (women have emotions besides happy and perky, shocking, but true), I'm talking about your attitude about yourself.  Call it confidence, self- esteem, or moxy, it is sexy and it makes you stand out in a good way.  When you like yourself, you take better care of yourself.

Which leads to the next layer:  hair, skin and teeth.  Investing in a great haircut and good haircare products made the biggest difference in my looks.  Hair is wonderfully changeable (to a point). You can't make thin hair thick and vice-versa, but you can tame wild curls, color away your grey and get a cut that flatters your face shape and works with your type of hair.  I know I have a great cut when I can just finger comb it into place.  

Taking care of my skin was definitely a lot of trial and error.  Every woman's magazine is full of articles and ads for ways to deal with lines and wrinkles.  But, that's only a small part of the picture.  I don't need spa facials (although I love them).  I keep the products I need at home and take time out, usually once a week, to do a home facial.  I claim the tv remote, pour a glass of wine and exfoliate, tone and slather on the lotion on Friday nights.  (Now you know my big plans for tonight.)  

Finally, there's teeth.  Not something I thought much about till a book on beauty after 40 pointed out that stains from coffee, tea, and red wine can really age you. I was sold on the idea when some friends had whitening done through their dentist (beware of the mall whitening people!  Scary idea.)  The result was just subtle enough that it didn't jump out at you, but effective enough to leave you wondering why they looked so much better.  

My Investment in Me (and Aveda)
All of this requires an investment of money and time, but in the end, you save money and time.  When I have these basics taken care of I look better in all my clothes and it takes less time to get ready when I'm in a hurry to get going. 

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