A Bus of Boll Weevils Found

In my very first post I wrote about my big ah-ha moment when I decided to embrace mid-life and really dive into the crazy, because it is all just so much more fun that way. 

Me and My Boll Weevil Buddy
It was a bright green old school bus with half the roof removed that got my attention; plus the fact that it was full of what looked to be grown men, dressed in green girl-scout looking costumes with big anteater heads.  They were all drinking beer at 10 a.m. on a weekday morning (that just happened to be my birthday) and I just knew I needed to get in on that fun. 

I couldn't catch the bus that morning, but with a little help from my super smart husband, I've found them and I'm ready to join the party.  It turns out the bus was full of boll weevils, they are part of the Memphis Cotton Carnival, and they are exactly what I needed to get me back to a social life.

So, my update to the birthday bus story is, the boll weevils led me into a whole world of fun people and events.  This month alone there is a poker pub crawl, a white party, trivia night and next month we're going bowling (I have a feeling bowling will be completely different with this group).  And, this isn't even high season for the Carnival yet!  More updates to follow . . .

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