Awesome Food Finds

There is nothing quite as exciting as a great bargain; whether its clothing you love at a low price or super yummy food that doesn't blow your diet budget.  When  I find either one I want to share them with everyone I know.  This past week I found TWO food bargains!  

The first was on Panera's hidden menu.  How did I find the hidden menu, you ask.  Well, there was a poster showing four totally yummy looking salads near the door.  The Power Steak and Lettuce Wrap caught my eye so I tried to find it on the menu board so I could find the price and calories.  It wasn't there.  The counter girl was sweet and looked up the nutritional information for me.  It was a BEAUTIFUL 210 calories.  I was shocked in a good way because Panera's salads can be way over the top on calories at times.  There are three other salads on the (now not so) hidden menu:   Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad (360 calories), Power Mediterranean Roasted Turkey Salad (320 calories), and the Power Chicken Hummus Bowl (330 calories).  

My Power Steak Lettuce Wrap was almost perfect.  I loved that it was healthy and filling with lots of protein and veggies.  However, I did swipe half a slice of my husband's french bread to round out the deliciousness and get any leftover pesto out of the bowl (an additional 75 calories).  

My second awesome bargain of the week came from the fabulous Gina at   She used slices of zucchini to make mini pizzas.   I happened to have some zucchini left over from another recipe and I had just purchased some sundried tomato spread that I was dying to try.  I added a piece of string cheese and a little parmesean and voila, delicious, easy, and I was full on only 130 very nutritious calories.  YEA!! 

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