Blurred Holiday Lines

I'm trying to decide if I am off work today for the holiday.  I have several jobs.  My main job is Mom, although I prefer the more accurate title, CIC (Chick in Charge).  I also teach online from home, write this blog, and I am working on a novel.  In all of these pursuits, there really isn't a distinct line between days off or on.  

I can't really use whether I am being paid or not as a indicator of working.  Unfortunately, only one of those jobs pays, and that is only when I am under a current contract.  There is always unpaid training and skill upkeep for my teaching work.  CIC pays purely in satisfaction for me and my family, and I am working toward money coming in with the blog and other writing.  

It can feel strange on days like this, but I am the one that set my schedule up to blur the lines between work and time off.  It works for me in so many ways.  

I never have to ask for time off so I am completely unlimited on when and how long I can go on vacation.  I just bring my work with me wherever we go.  For the past 6 years we have family vacation photos featuring me and my laptop.  I set up my work schedule to keep online work to a minimum during the time we are away, then I carve out a few hours alone and get it done.  
Days at home require discipline (and sometimes a hiding place).  My noisy CIC job can run a muck over my writing work so sometimes I have to separate them with a closed door for a few hours, but in general, I can do both at the same time, which feels great.  They actually work really well off each other since one is active (CIC) and the other is butt-in-chair work.  I can break my day up into sitting and moving time.  

Setting priorities is still a challenge.  I have to tune out all the projects around the house that beg for my attention on days that my writing muse shows up or my teaching contract says, work. . .now.  The great thing about house projects is the immediate sense of completion and accomplishment.  On those days that I feel like I am getting nowhere I will open the linen closet in my bathroom (one of the few super organized spaces I have) and just revel in the feeling of calm and order.  

So today I am writing, because I love it, and I am doing laundry and planning meals for the week ahead, because I love my family (and I love good food).  This may not be a holiday from labor because most of what I do is a labor of love. 

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