TFS Wednesday: PMA

I am a glass-half-full kind of girl.  It is my natural point of view to see the positive in almost any situation and I'm usually perplexed when others aren't enjoying something as much as me.  I truly enjoy dieting.  Not just the results, but the process of dieting.  I see it as a big game and I love to win the game.  

Those who were successful on Weight Watchers,when I worked there, tended to have a positive mental attitude (PMA) and I am sure that is true for any weight loss program.  Seeing weight loss (and maintenance) as a challenge rather than a burden will not only increase your chances of success, but it will also make the trip a lot more pleasant.  

I was lucky to start Weight Watchers with a super-positive leader.  Diane set everyone up to see all the foods they could have while losing weight.  She encouraged us to try lots of different foods, and keep enjoying the foods we love in moderation.  She never posted a list of bad or off limit foods (because I don't think she had one.) It's possible to see any diet plan this way, but I admit that it is much easier with Weight Watchers.

Somewhere along the line I started to look at my daily points (or calories, etc.) like money.  This made the game much more fun.  At the time I was allotted 22 points per day plus the bonus points.  I looked at it like someone (maybe the magic diet fairy) gave me $22 to spend everyday, plus bonus money for the week.  I got excited.  It was mine to decide how I wanted to spend it, and more would show up tomorrow.  The bonus points were just beyond fun.  I would buy all sorts of splurges and savor the thrill of every one.

I challenged myself every day to use my "money" to get the best food bargains I could find (like those I posted on Monday).  I felt like I was winning the game when I found foods that I love the taste, I knew I was getting good nutrition, and I only had to spend a little of my daily 22.  Birthdays, holidays and other events were challenging, but it was a fun challenge.  Our family always gets Gigi's cupcakes for birthdays (16 points each!!).  Instead of whining that I can't have an entire cupcake (and the diabetic coma to go with it), I just spread the yum (and sugar) out over three days.  

The way I see it, it's just more fun for me.  

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