Outlandish Fun!

I wasn't sure when I was going to post about this, because it is a loooong ongoing event, but today I want to share so anyone and everyone who reads my blog can get in on the fun.  

The cable channel Starz has started production on a series called "Outlander."  It is based on an ongoing book series by Diana Gabledon that is indescribably good.  The series will air next year, probably in the fall, but the world is already buzzing about it.  

So, to get you all in the loop, let me back up to the start of my Outlander story (abridged edition).  
I found the book when I was looking for better romance novels.  If you google 'best romance novel ever' you will get a lot of lists -- "Outlander" is on almost every one.  

My library had a copy (actually several) because the book has been around since 1991 and developed a huge following.  I'll tell you now, this is a BIG book (896 pages).  Don't let that scare you.  I got so caught up in the book that 896 wasn't enough pages.  It also started kind of slow for me.  I liked it, but I didn't fall in love with it right away.  When I recommend the book now I always tell people to hang on till the wedding.  If they don't like it after that, then give up because you never will, BUT, chances are you will be hooked.  

Then you can really join the crazy.  There are website, book clubs, tours of Scotland and now, the series!!  You won't have to read the book(s) to love the series.  Unlike those poor crazed souls over at the "50 Shades" film, this production has done everything right to take a beloved book and turn it into film.  The author and the fans have been part of the fun since the beginning.  Casting has done an amazing job on a nearly impossible task -- there were a few whiners, but it looks like the majority (including me) are completely sold on the actors who will bring these characters to life.  
Jamie and Claire - filming on the series in Scotland

Now is the perfect time to start on the book if you want to read it before the series.  And I am recommending that you do.  Although the series will follow the book very closely, there are some elements that just can't be translated to film, what characters are thinking is the biggest one.  For those of you who do get hooked, you are welcome and I'm sorry -- because "Outlander" is only book one.  The series is currently seven books long with another due in early 2014.  And they are all really, really long, and they are all really, really addictive.  Once you start you hate to put them down.  Things like eating and sleeping and your family become distractions that keep you away from your books. 

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