TFS Wednesday: Eating in Order

My tip for today comes in especially handy for me in restaurants.  When I am home I usually make a meal that fits within the calorie or point range I need for the day.  It's not often that you can order from a menu and keep your entire meal within your range.  So, you are left with using your will power to only eat part of some special treat foods that you rarely have at home. 

The easiest way I have found around this dilemma is to start with the healthiest foods first and work your way to the least healthy.  

This is especially easy if you can start with a salad or veggie soup.  Just be sure to ask for the dressing on the side of the salad and dip your fork into the dressing as you eat.  That way you get dressing in every bite and you use just a little dressing (and you can order the real stuff, because it is sooooo much better than the diet!)

After a salad or clear or veggie soup, start on any vegetables on you plate.  Eat all of them first.  Then start in on the protein (meat, fish, chicken, etc.) and finally, if you have room, eat a little of the starch (potato, rice, pasta).  

The same idea works at home when I am really hungry and not sure what I want to eat.  If I eat some carrot sticks, sweet pepper, or celery, then allow that to cut my hunger, I can make a better decision about what else to eat.  

Even at fast food restaurants, go for the most nutrition first.  If you have a burger and fries, the burger will give you more nutrition, so eat that (try it with only the bun bottom, that can save a lot of unnecessary points/calories), then start on the fries.  If you are with a kid and they won't eat the apples in their happy meal, flinch those and eat them before your fries.  

Finally, the theory works for dessert too.  If I've saved room and calories to have dessert (or it just looks so amazingly good) I can start with the part that has the least calories/points and only have a little of the rest.  If it's pie, I start with any fruit filling, then eat part of the crust.  If its cake, I eat the cake first and some of the icing last.  

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