TFS Wednesday: Surfing for Food

Some of the best tips I got while working the scale were about internet sites.  Whether inspirational or informative, these can help you get over stuck spots.  

Plateau's are par for the course, so a little encouragement and inspiration from others in the same boat can make a big difference.  One of the best places I know of for realistic (at least for me) inspiration is  There is a ton of organized, doable ideas on the free part of the site that are great when I am running short of inspiration.  Two of my favorite areas are the message boards and the recipe swap.  

The message boards let you find others like you who are probably facing the same issues you are.  There are boards divided by age, boards for working women and/or moms, boards for those with more than 100 lbs. to lose, etc.  Even if I don't feel the need to post anything, I can always get inspired or re-inspired. 

The community recipe swap has been a gold mine of ideas.  There are some super-creative and motivated people out there who refuse to give up their favorite foods, so they get busy recreating them in a healthier version.  Scroll through these recipes and you will find better versions of all sorts of restaurant favorites and new ways to make classic family favorites.  Most of the everyday cooks on the board don't get really wild with odd ingredients (unlike professional chefs), so you don't get as many recipes for things like lentil tacos here.  

Another favorites website is Dottie's Weight Loss Zone (  Dottie is a St. Louis woman who started posting the points for restaurant foods online years ago.  Since she was not limited by corporate contracts she has always had hundreds more restaurants and foods listed than were ever available on the official Weight Watchers list.  (She now has an app too.)  Even if you are not counting points, this site is helpful because it gives you a clear picture of what the better choices are at each restaurant.  Knowing that a certain salad is 15 points and the petite steak dinner is 10 can be helpful even if you don't know how points work for you.  (hint:  take the 10 point steak).  Some foods are shockingly high and that is good information to know.  It is also interesting to compare foods, like french fries.  They all taste pretty much the same, but they way they are made can make a world of difference in the amount of fat and calories in them.  Compare them from all your favorite fast food places and you will be amazed.  

With so many resources available there is no reason for you to have to reinvent the wheel.  If you set aside a few hours you can find weight loss buddies, revised recipes and a huge list of best options when eating out.  Let's surf.

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