Four Major Holidays

Yesterday was one of my four major holidays.  I'm not a particularly religious person and I live for reasons to eat stuff that is bad for me, so Halloween is a pretty important holiday for me.  Oh, and I also love to dress up in costumes.  It's a great excuse to be someone else for a day, usually a slightly smuttier someone else.  Last year it was pirates:

This year, Wonder Woman (and I had so much fun I forgot to take pictures, oops).  

My other major holidays:  

Mardi Gras:  How can anyone not love a  holiday with the word fat in the name.  Some people are shocked to know that I don't go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.  Nope, I learned to celebrate this holiday from the French nuns at my grade school (not a lot of flashing, liquor or beads there).  We celebrated with food.  This is supposed to be the day when Catholics overeat and party to prepare for 40 days of fasting before lent.  I tried the fasting part, not nearly as fun, so I just stick with the overeating.  

St. Patrick's Day:  I know this is actually a religious holiday in Ireland, but I celebrate this one like a true Irish-American:  I wear lots of green (and go around pinching people who don't), I eat corned beef and cabbage (which they don't in Ireland, go figure) and I drink green beer.  I have also been known to do some Irish dancing, which I have never had any training for, so that can only be done after much green beer.  

Cinco de Mayo:  Such a simple holiday to celebrate.  It requires no more prep work than picking out a local Mexican restaurant and going there.  To me this is the antithesis of Christmas.  No month of prep work, no endless shopping in bad weather, no traveling along with 500,000 others on the same day.  It is a happy holiday of food and margaritas. . . and that's it!   

Now I wait till next year, there are two other holidays coming up; Thanksgiving and Christmas, but they just don't make my list of favorites.  Sure, Thanksgiving involves lots of food, but we have to do that thing traveling with 500,000 others to get it.  And Christmas. . . that's another post, for another day.  

Party On. 

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