Sephora Love

It took me a couple of years to get on the Sephora-love bandwagon.  I saw the stores in the mall, and knew they sold make-up, but I couldn't understand why magazine editors and friends were so excited about the place. 

Of course, I was deep in my dumpy-mommy years and wearing minimal make-up.  Then, somewhere in my midlife crazy I decided I needed to update my look and getting a makeover was a big part of that.  So, I followed all the magazine beauty editors' advice and checked out my local Sephora.  

It didn't take long for me to get hooked.  If you haven't been there, Sephora solves all the problems with buying make-up (and so much more) from either a drug store or a department store.  Because you can't try on the make-up at a drug store, I am sure I am not the only one who has blown hundreds of dollars on bad shades of everything.  For a while (a long time ago) there were samples to try at the drug store, but, ewwww!  So now it's a big guessing game as to which shade of base or lipstick will look good on you away from the fluorescent lights of the store.  At Sephora you can try on all the make-up.  They have lil sponges and applicator sticks and cotton balls all over the store so you can safely find the best color for you.  

The big drawback to department stores (for me) is that the sales person at each counter is commissioned to sell the make-up from that counter, and only that counter.  A make-over there will be all Lancome or all Chanel with the sales girl suggesting as many products as possible, whether they really work for you or not.  The girls (and some guys) at Sephora sell every line in the store.  And, they are knowledgeable about every line.  They can and will put together the products that work best for you.  

The Lovely Isabelle
The stars were aligned, or fate was on my side, or something; but Isabelle was there and did my make over.  Nothing against the 20-something girls working there, but Isabelle is closer to my age, so she understood all they subtle (and some not so subtle) changes you need to make in make up as you age.  She taught me to use just enough of the newest colors to look stylish, but not silly.  She also understood that my skin needs were different than a 20-year-old.  The result was astounding.  Really!  The receptionist at a doctor's office I was going to about once a month didn't recognize me.  She had to look twice.  And more importantly, I felt better.  I felt less like I was trying to hide in plain sight and more like I was highlighting the best of me.  

It's a beautiful fall Friday and possibly a great day (right before the holidays) to check out Sephora.  It is pure girly fun.  And if you are in or near Memphis, an insider's tip, ask for Isabelle. 

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