TFS Wednesday: The Same But Smaller

I have my great-grandmother's arms.  I never met her but I have lots of pictures.  She was a big woman with a sweet smile and proportionally larger upper arms.  I may not be the same size she was in the photos, but the shape of my arms is the same, but smaller.

I think it is important to have realistic goals when you are trying to loose weight or generally get in shape.  Most of us have images in our minds of what we would like to look like.  We see (usually airbrushed) photos of celebrities and decide that we will diet and workout till we have abs or legs like that person.  The first problem is the massive over use of airbrushing on celebrity photos.  With Photoshop, editors are doing so much more than covering over fine lines and blemishes.  They stretch and erase and create a body for the celebrity that doesn't really exist in this world.  
The Photoshop diet and exercise program.
The second problem is that diet and exercise cannot give you what nature didn't (or did).  As you shrink, you will get a smaller version of you and you will generally shrink at about the same rate all over your body.  So you will loose in some of the places you want to and maybe in some of the places you don't want to.  If you have thin legs and wide hips, you will have the same hip to leg ratio when you loose weight.  

I'm pointing this out to hopefully save some people a lot of frustrating time and effort.  I have seen many clients who loose a significant amount of weight, then become hyper focused on fixing one area.  For women it is often their bellies.  After several babies and possibly menopause too, they feel like they would reach some sort of body nirvana if they could just have flat abs.  For most of them, short of surgery, it isn't going to happen.  They will get a nice muscle layer under the soft spot or a smaller version of the soft spot, and they would be closer to a peace-of-mind nirvana if they could live with that.  

My arms are just not my favorite feature.  I'm aware that they look much flabbier and weaker than they are. (I have nice triceps somewhere under the soft stuff.)  Sometimes I consciously dress to cover them, and sometimes, I just ignore them and dress to highlight all the parts I do love. 

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