A Clean Slate

I don't know if its the weeks of cold weather and freezing rain or my recent steady diet of cheese pizza, but I definitely have a case of the late winter blah's.  Mentally I am energized and excited while working on getting my book to market, but my body is in major slug mode.  I'm ready to try something new.  This weekend I am starting my first cleanse.  

Generally I believe that the human body is a highly efficient organism that, given a generally healthy diet, will function just fine. However, my half-healthy eating lifestyle may have accumulated some residue and toxins in my body that I could do without.  The idea of feeling lighter and more energized sounds like just the thing I need to get me through the February blah's.  

I looked into several options.  There are 3-day, 5-day, 10-day juice cleanses, and almost every nutrition store has a combination of vitamins and minerals packaged as a cleanse.  For my first one I want a package deal.  I want someone to lay it all out for me and offer me support.  If I have to spend too much time planning and organizing and calculating, I will be tempted to bail on my first busy day.

A friend of mine has done two cleanses using Advocare.  She always was a bundle of
energy, but she seems even more energetic now and she can't stop talking about how great she feels.  She is going to be my go-to girl as I work my way through one of their 24-days cleanses.  Besides having a personal coach, the other reason I chose this plan was the logical and organized combination of cleaning you out, then building your digestive system back up to a healthy level.  A lot of cleanse programs focus on cleaning all the toxins and build-up from your system, but they fail to note that you will clean the good out with the bad.  Replacing the good (probiotics) after cleansing sounds like a pretty crucial second step to me.  

My results might be hard to show you.  I image I will lose a few pounds (and I won't cry when they are gone) but my main goal is more energy, feeling lighter, less sluggish, and healthier.  So in the spirit of trying new things and taking better care of my mid-century body, I am off on a new adventure.  Without getting too graphic, I will update you along the way.  By mid-March I will post my results.  Here's hoping for more spring in my step this spring.  

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