Cover Reveal and Countdown

It's tough, it's pink and it's perfect.   It's the (reworked) cover of my first novel.  

The lovely Kim and Kitten at Deranged Doctor Designs spent hours upon hours learning about the characters and the story and then translating them into a cover that will hopefully stand out in the wide literary sea that is Amazon. 

It's becoming a little more real everyday.  I'm almost finished with the final edit, which is good, because I need something to go with the cool cover.  And I'm making plans to tell the world (or as many people as I can) about it.  Which is strange for an introverted writer.  At the coffee shop where I had lunch yesterday I worked up the nerve to ask to put a flyer advertising my book on their bulletin board.  They not only agreed, but started talking about a possible book signing event - a very unnerving, but very exciting idea.  Luckily, I can put that on the back burner for now.  I have so much to do before I can even make a signed hard copy real.  

My countdown calendar hangs on the wall above my desk.  At twenty-five days out I have a cover and a novel, this is good.  Now for that crucial final element, readers.

  I realize that this story isn't for everyone, so now I need to find as many of the people who will love it as possible and tell them about it.  

Who is it for?  It's for those who love a love story, a happy ending.  It's for those who like their love stories a little more gritty and real.  It's for those who what a different love story, where the girl is not so sweet and the guy is.  It's for those who want to remember high school, doing things you probably shouldn't have, making the friends who will last a lifetime and for some, first love.  

In a nutshell, it's sweet, it's silly, and it's smexy (smart-sexy) . . . and it's almost here.

Available and an E Book March 4th on Amazon.  

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