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I've been spending more and more time online researching.  As I prepare to market my book I've been trying to come up to speed on all the different types of social media and their uses.  In the process, I have found some great posts and links that I want to shout out about.

The posts I have had on this blog about body image led me to a Pintrest board.  The creator is a woman who makes some really cute jewelry which she sells on Etsy, but she is also passionate about body image and the portrayal of women in the media.  Her name is Vanessa Tilberg-Smith and her inspiring and insightful board is called It's All An Illusion.  Here are a few recent examples of her pins:

Here is a link to her board:

It is pro loving your body, pro women, funny, insightful and buried away on Pintrest.  It is one to follow and check out any day you are feeling less than fantastic.

The other link I have to recommend is the blog "That Normal."  It is a group of women who are just as silly as I am and their writing is 'make me laugh till I cry' hysterical.  I have been sharing links on Facebook for the past few weeks on their series "The Road to Sochi is Paved in Abs." (which is the kind of Olympic reporting I am interested in.)  They are also obsessed with Dowton Abby, Twilight, upcoming Outlander Series, and romance novels.  I am a proud member of their boozy book club, where they combine drinking, reading, and commenting on reading.  I'm sharing them with you because they are a guaranteed pick me up and laugh.

Here's a link: 

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