Much Joie

I have no idea what luck star I am hanging under today, but I'll take it.  It's easy to note everything that goes wrong on bad days, but here is everything that has gone right or is awesome about today (and it's not even noon yet!)

1.  I slept last night!  (Any woman around 50 understands my sheer joie that this happened.)

2.  I had $3 off on a sandwich on my Panera card.  OK, actually it's my husband's card, but it is one of the reasons I love him so much, he shares his Panera points with me.  

3.  I got my kids to school just in time to not have to sign them in as tardy.  Feels a lot like sliding into home plate and just beating the ball.  

4.  I lost another pound.  My smoothies are doing their magic and I am loving them.  Had a choco, banana coconut one the other night.  Mmmmmmm.

5.  Almost every song on the radio this morning was a great one.  I was Shazam-ing all over the place.

6.  My hubby is on his way home to me from another business trip and it's going to be a scary stormy night (you can put two and two together ;-) )

7.  My sorority sister posted stuff on FB that was so funny I laughed till I cried.  Made me remember college when I laughed till I cried almost everyday.  

8.  I got to go for a walk in my favorite park and it was almost deserted.  The trees were budding, the weather was perfect and the frogs were signing.  

9.  I get to spend time today in fantasy land with really fun, cool characters that I made up.  Writing really is the best job in the world. 

And that is what I am going to do right now, 'cause book two isn't going to write itself.  

I just found this pic when I Binged "joie".  I may have to find a bottle of this.

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