Over 200!

Day two of my obsessive book sales count - sometime in the night I passed the 200 mark!  As of 9 a.m. this morning 201 people have downloaded my novel (plus the 6 copies I sold).  This is so trippy!  

I have been working on this book on and off for years, so they idea that over 200 people are going to read it ... is well ... trippy.  I don't even think I know 200 people. I can't help but wonder where people are in the book.  What part they are reading?  Are they laughing at the parts I thought were funny?  Are they falling in love with my characters?  Did anyone stay up late just to keep reading?  

It is a strange sensation knowing this very personal piece of me is now in the hands of over 200 people.  It is a little unnerving.  I realize that some will not like it.  Some will even hate it.  I think I've mentally prepared myself for that. 

But I've also mentally prepared myself for what is the biggest reward for any author, connecting with those who read my book.  The high I get from knowing that I gave people some good laughs, or helped them remember that awesome feeling of first falling in love, or the catharsis of a good cry ... that is worth the risk of those few who will really not connect with the book.

I have a few reviews in, all from people who helped me out by reading an advanced reader's copy.  They are posting them on Goodreads and Amazon.  I sort of already knew what they would say, mainly because I called and emailed and hounded them as they read; then made them talk to me, in great detail, about what they did and didn't like.  (The 201 who have the book now might be lucky I can't reach them individually).  However, if any of them want to contact me in any way and let me know their thoughts as they are reading ... 

I cherish those reviews and I will cherish each one that comes after them.  Sure it's going to be cool when I get my first check from Amazon for selling books, but I imagine the thrill will pale compared to that of reading great reviews.  It's that connection that will keep me writing, and marketing and hopefully learning from, but not taking to heart, the bad reviews.   

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