TFS Wednesday: Smoothies

It's hard for me to think about drinking an ice-cold smoothie for any meal during the winter.  I spend too much time devising ways to thaw myself out.  Even for a great weight management idea I just can't make myself any colder.  

Luckily, spring has sprung here in Memphis.  It is officially warm enough (for me) to add smoothies back into my diet.  It's also a great time to do it because they are a fast, efficient, delicious way to eat healthier and lose weight.  

In the past I relied on Weight Watchers smoothies only.  They are still a delicious option, but since Pintrest came along, I have been inundated with all kinds of homemade smoothie ideas.  The key is finding the ingredients that both taste great to you and also fill whatever health need you have.

Smoothies can be created to fill you up with lots of fibrous foods (like oatmeal) and liquids (juices).  They can be a way to add more veggies to your diet.  You would be surprised how little you taste  spinach or kale when you combine them with a banana.  Add a little protein powder in and your smoothie is a meal replacement.  

Here's a few of my favorite sources for smoothie ideas:

And a few smoothie making tips:

One final note:  Most diet plans and sites promote smoothies as a breakfast or lunch replacement.  Great idea if either of these are your least favorite meal of the day.  Personally, I love breakfast and lunch and could skip dinner most days.  Pay attention to your own rhythm and have one a day as a meal replacement when you want it, not when a diet plan tells you to.  If you are home or have access to a blender, smoothies can also be a great between meal snack.

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