All I Want For My Birthday

Is reviews.  Seriously.  

I don't know how many of you out there in blog land are sweating out what to get me for my big five-oh, but let me solve this for you right now.  I would love a review from you for my novel.  Just a few stars and words on Amazon and or Goodreads will thrill me in a way you can't even imagine ... for two reasons:

One - every review makes me feel more connected with my readers.  I've put something very personal out into the internet-osphere and now I desperately want to know how it is faring.  Ideally, I would be able to talk to each person as they read.  I want to know what made you laugh (assuming you did) or cry (ditto).  Was there a part you wish I had left out or added more to?  How did you feel when it ended?  Baring me sitting in front of each and every person who reads it and bugging them every few pages, I would be satisfied (more like thrilled) to just have a short note from you telling me what you thought.  The fact that others are interested in those notes leads to 

Reason two - a first novel by an indie author lives on reviews.  Not that my novel is expensive ($2.99), but I would also want to know if others liked a book at all before I would be willing to spend any money on it.  Reviews give potential readers a hint of what they will be getting.  I always read them myself and base my purchases on them.  Don't you?  

I understand you have to read it first, but I promise it is an easy read.  It's a 'curl up over a weekend and get lost in a fun story' kind of book.  I wasn't trying for too much pain and suffering (from my characters or my readers).  

So I am asking for 50 reviews for my 50th birthday.  Since 961 people got a free copy (and that's not including my beta readers and editors), there will hopefully be at least 50 people who would like to make me the happiest camper around and give me a review.  

April 27th is the big day ... twelve days from today.  I guess I'm blowing out my candles a little early (like I could blow out 50 candles) and making my wish now.  To all of you who hear my wish and review, an early thank you.


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