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One of the new trends in publishing is for a writer to list the music that served as inspiration for a book.  I like this trend.  First, it let me know that I am not the only writer who relies on some musical muses to get the creative process going.  Second, by sharing it my readers can also get a little insight into where my head was when I created a certain scene or chapter.  There are some songs that even influenced the entire book. 

My taste in music is eclectic.  About the only thing I don't listen to on a regular basis is country music, but if you've read my book you know the only song referenced (twice) is "Pretty Little Adriana" by Vince Gill.  I wasn't kidding when I said that I only gave him a chance because he was so easy on the eyes (Carrie quote). 

For your listening pleasure (if you are so inclined) this weekend, I present my playlist for "Burnouts, Geeks and Jesus Freaks: a love story" with a few notes about why or how these songs influenced me:

Chapter 10 - Party at Chuck's house
"Lunatic Fringe" - Red Rider
 I've always associated this song with those who live their lives on the fringes of society and the crazy assortment of people at Chuck's house definitely fall into or close to the lunatic category.

"Can't Find My Way Home" - Blind Faith
An absolute classic about feeling completely lost and having given up hope of something better, which is how I see Carrie at the end of the chapter.

Chapters 12 & 13 - Ben kidnapped and party at MG's
"Tongue Tied" - Group Love
It's a party song with the lyric: "take me to your best friend's house," need I say more?

Chapter 21 - First date
"Pretty Little Adriana" - Vince Gill
Even if you are not a country fan, Vince Gill is easy to listen to.  When you listen, enjoy the pic on any of his album covers.  (I met him once, he is just as sigh-worthy in person.)

Chapter 24 - Camping road trip
"Nothing Left to Lose" - Matt Kearney
Just a great road trip song; the freedom of getting away, somewhere, together.

Chapter 26 - It would be a spoiler, so I can't describe the chapter
"Summertime Sadness" - Lana Del Rey
I cried when I wrote this chapter and every time I heard this song for a long time after that.

End of Chapter 30 - Ben deployed
"Days Go By"  - Dirty Vegas
The music and repetition in this song always brought up the image of the sameness of hot days in the desert.  The words really fit Ben's frame of mind.

Chapter 34 - Operation Callahan's Fish Camp
"Love is Won" - Lia Ices
I have no idea what the lyrics to this song mean, but the sweet ache in her voice and the beautiful echo made me think of a couple slow dancing, alone, to a song on a radio that would echo across the lake.  

General music
"Come Undone" - Duran Duran
This just seemed to fit Carrie and Ben who turned to each other when they came undone. 

Enjoy - Have a great weekend!  Read and Review - 50 by 50! 

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