TFS Wednesday - The Foodie Factor

I'm a Taurus.  (play cheezy 70's disco background music) and I'm a lover of all things sensual (Floaters sing, "float on" in the background) especially food.  Mmmm, yeah, I love me some chocolate, dark chocolate, ya know what I mean.  And pasta ... baby, I'm a foodie.  

If you don't get the above reference, please refer to "Float On" by the Floaters, 1977.  It's groovy.  

And me ... not so groovy, but definitely a foodie.  My horoscope told me so when I read it for my birthday month, but I pretty much knew that already.  My love affair with food goes way back.  I was a cookie stealer from a very young age.  Oreos called to me and damn if my mom didn't put the cookie jar where I could reach it if I climbed on a chair, then the counter, then the top of the fridge.  Too easy.  

I've planned entire vacations around eating.  If  I'm going to see one of the 7 wonders of the world my main thought would be, "but what are we going to eat there?"  

I swear I'm not out on some tangent, this does tie into TFS Wednesday.  It has to do with knowing yourself; your wants, your needs, the things that thrill you to no end.  If you try to lose weight by giving up those things ... give up on that diet plan right now.  If you are not a foodie, this may not apply to you.  

I know people who can eat the same thing day after day, year after year.  Food is not one of the ways they get their kicks.  It's just sustenance and something they have to do to keep their engine running.  For them, almost any diet will do.  These are the people who give up bread (the white soft fluffy stuff) and sugar (gasp!) and live a healthy, skinny spartan life.  These are also the people who like to write diet books, assuming that everyone will also be content to live on only veggies and lean protein.  

I can do that, for a week or two.  I'm such a foodie that there are lots of veggies I love and lean proteins.  But after week two, or as soon as any holiday, vacation, opportunity for something different comes along, I'm moving on to other (probably less healthy) foods. 

It always cracks me up when I hear studies that cutting sugar and white bread from you life can increase your life expectancy by a few years.  A few sucky years!  Assuming I'm not hit by a bus before then, I can't image that I will be sitting in an old folks home, thrilled to pieces that I'll be there another year or two because I suffered through decades of no chocolate cake.  

So the foodie diet, the one I have been talking about since I started this blog, is all about having that cake but not the whole thing (or even 1/2 of it).  My birthday is this weekend and I will pay homage at the alter of GiGi's cupcakes, but my 1 ginormous choco-worship cupcake will probably last through at least four meals.  That way I not only consume less fat, sugar, calories (fun) in one sitting; I spread out the fun, making my food thrill last even longer. 

A line up of one guilty looking cupcake and his lemon accomplice(?)

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