Finally, a Date

I thought I would switch gears a little this morning and pimp another book besides mine.  I've mentioned it before on this blog, but the "Outlander" series by Diana Gabeldon is being made into a TV series by Starz.

In case I haven't badgered you already about the books, I'll do that now.  "Outlander" is the best romance of the 20th century.  But it is so much more than a romance novel.  There is time travel, and detailed history, and druids and fairies and a boat load of interesting characters that are woven into a complex story that spans seven (very soon to be eight) books.  This author will blow your mind with her ability to manage so many complex story lines simultaneously.  

And now, we will have a TV series based on these books.  Yesterday Starz finally announced that the series will premier on August 9th.  I will be unavailable most of that day and part of the next (planned Outlander hangover).  We cray-cray fans have been given lots of pre-release press and I can report that the cinematography is stunning, the series is sticking very closely to the books and the two lead actors are yummy (and they have a fantastic chemistry together).

A hot couple with loads of chemistry - squeee!
 For those who are not fans (yet), you might think I'm bringing this up too far in advance.  We have an entire summer of vacations and keeping kids out of trouble between now and then.  I'm telling you now so you can read the book(s) before the series.  

Although it looks like director Ronald Moore is doing an amazing job, there is no way to capture all the details of the book in the series.  There will always be so much going on in the minds of characters that cannot be translated to film (at least not without the cheezy voice-over).  

A few warnings about the first book:  1) it's huge.  Don't let that deter you. It will suck you in and when you finish it you will be jonesing for more. 2) You will be jonesing for more.  I can attest that once you start, things like feeding your family will become a nuisance that keeps you from reading. 3) for some, it starts slow.  If you aren't a history buff, the "Frank" part in the beginning will drag.  Hang on 'til there is a wedding.  Once you get there you will either be completely hooked or you should bail because it just isn't for you.  

Once you are hooked you can join a world of other fanatic fans - like me!  For those who jump on the bandwagon today, you're welcome. I'm happy to pass along my insider tip.

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