A Report From the Pub

After a crushing defeat yesterday, USA is out of the World Cup. It is a huge loss to lovers of this beautiful sport to no longer get a weekly dose (or two) of Graham Zusi sightings. So what do you say I throw in one more ...

The good news is that he will reappear for your viewing enjoyment with Sporting Kansas City from now through October. While the home team may be out, there are still so many good reasons to keep watching. Not only is it a great excuse to hide out in an air conditioned pub and drink beer (or Jameson) with other fans, but the eye-candy festival will continue for your viewing enjoyment. 

 I'm now throwing my hat (beret) in with France. They were one of my four initial picks (based on hotness) and what do you know, they're really good at playing futbol too.  It's a win-win, or at least let's hope it's several wins so we can keep enjoying the French-accented beautiful men show. 

This Friday they play Germany. It's a holiday so you have no excuse for not going to your local Irish or English pub for a few hours of unhealthy food, cold drinks and other fans to share your enthusiasm. Here's a quick review of the players to keep an eye on during the game:

Hugo Lloris

Karim Benzima

Mathieu Debuchy

Olivier Giroud

Yohan Cabaye
 You're welcome.

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