My Book Title Sucks

After much analysis--data analysis, marketing analysis and psycho analysis--it has come to my attention that the title of my second book sucks.  Which also sucks. Because it's out there. With a cool cover (kuddos to Deranged Doctor Designs) but it doesn't look like that can make up for the name.

 On the good side, it is part of a series, so it has one less-sucky title to lean on in book one and hopefully it can eventually become the Jan Brady of books (the invisible middle sister) when book three in the Burnouts series is released. 

I have to note, the book does not suck. It's a great story, even if I do say so myself. I stand 100% behind this story, just not the title.

To be fair, I didn't plan to write a second book, or even a first (at least one that anyone would see). Burnouts, Geeks & Jesus Freaks was a fit of mid-life crazy passion. I wrote it to prove to myself that I could. I put it on Amazon to see what would happen. 

What did happen? I sold a few, I got some great reviews, then got hooked. The excitement of indie publishing pulled me in like a siren song. My brain, that saturates with endorphins when challenged, was doing back flips and cartwheels at the thought of jumping in the indie publishing pool. So I read everything out there on how to sell a book on Amazon. The number one piece of advice--write another book. So I did. 

Just like kids, you think you could never love another as much as you love the first one, until baby number two comes along, and you realize you love it just as intensely. Only in all the chaos of baby number two coming along you grabbed for a name, because it rhymed with baby number one's name and you just liked it. Then after you've launched (bad visual pun) baby number two into the world you realize that you've strapped this fantastic kid with a horrible moniker, one that in no way expresses how great this kid is. 

That's the fact, jack. That's what I did to my second book--my second baby. (Oh, the mommy/author guilt.) So after you read this book and love it (my prediction/hope) PLEASE tell your friends about it and tell them to overlook the title. If you love this series I need your help with this one more than any other. Until I can create book-baby number three it will have to stand on it's own, wearing the horrible name I gave it, hoping you can see the beauty inside.