Swing By My Place

I have a place! My very own place. And it's decorated and full of cool stuff. I want to invite the world, literally the world, to come over and see it. So, swing by my place today--here's the address: KarenGordonAuthor.com

I can't tell you how excited I am to have my own place. Not only is it THE place to get information about my current books, but I will also be updating it with information about my work-in-progress, The Vivienne Series, as it develops. 

For readers interested in getting emails from me when I release a new book, there's a place to sign up for my email list. Starting next week I will also be offering some coolio extras to anyone who joins the list. 

If you click on the "Upcoming" tab you will get a little more insight into Vivienne. I'm already two chapters into creating the first novella in this series so I should be on schedule to release all eight books at once later this year. (binge reading, anyone?)

Finally, I want to give a shout out to the phreaks at DIGIphreak Designs who created my webpage for me. They are a new team that is looking to work with more self-published authors so they are priced to be indie-author budget friendly. You can find them at DIGIphreakDesigns.com.

Alright, party at my place! See you there...

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